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We prefer that our members use Gmail. This will ensure that you get important updates from us. If you use another email provider, you must ensure that you "whitelist" us so we don't end up in your spam folder or worse yet get bounced and you never even receive it.
VERY IMPORTANT: If you choose to use hotmail, outlook, yahoo, aol, live, or other providers other than gmail then EXPECT that your mail provider will choose for you what you receive and don't receive. Therefore, you will need to add us to your contact list or mark some of our emails as Important. Otherwise, I can almost guarantee that sooner or later you will get bounced. Then you will have problems logging in. So why not just use Gmail?

1.  Look for the confirmation email after you sign up and click the link in it.  Your signup will not be completed until you do that.  Unconfirmed signups are auto-deleted after a number of days. 

2.  There will be a second confirmation email for the site newsletter so you will know about surf promos and special surf promo codes for extra rewards which are announced only in the newsletter.  If you don't confirm the second email you may miss out on information because we announce our promos and specials only through the newsletter.

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