What’s So Special About Social Surfing?

Know, like, trust.  Those are the basics of sales and marketing.  If you’re not out there yet, I have to ask why not?  I can prove to you that just interacting with people while you promote your opportunity is what will catapult you into success.

Just a couple days ago I thought let me see what a simple interaction in chat can produce for exposure.  So I posted in Click Track Profit chatroom that I wanted to give something away.  But instead of just throwing it out there, I invited people to take a look at my CTP profile page where I had posted the offer.  Within minutes, I had 2 new members to Hit Funnel and people were already talking about it.

One day later, along comes this blog post.  So you see how a simple interaction can turn into a snowball going downhill.  That’s why I encourage you to get social.  I think this is an exciting time in the online marketing world.  Too often people are afraid to take action.  Don’t be that person.  Trust me…your ideas are important!

One good place to get social in your traffic exchange marketing is Sweeva.  You surf with hundreds of other members, you get to rate sites as they appear and you can network with like minded individuals.  Everyone is looking at the same site at the same time so you can get instant feedback on your ideas and provide the same to others.  I almost always test my ads there first.

I can’t promise that you’ll become an overnight success or that every time you talk to someone you will make a sale.  There are no guarantees in life except that if you do nothing you will get nowhere.

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One thought on “What’s So Special About Social Surfing?

  1. This whole CTP Teams thing has given a real boost to the social aspect of this business. Connections and friendships are being made now that will lead to greater success in the future. I see a sharing of ideas and knowledge which will help all of us in the long term.


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