Kings, Pioneers, Self-Determination

“Therefore, let the king render to the law what the law has rendered to the king, viz. dominion and power, for there is no king where will rules and not the law.” – Bracton, De Legibus et Consuetudinubus Angliae

Huh?  I love this world of CTP Teams and that’s why we have, in a sense, hitched our little section of the internet called Hit Funnel to the rise of Click Track Profit surf teams and the highly sought after XP.

In case you have been sleeping or maybe you don’t come around CTP often, there was quite an uproar the last few days over the removal of “Kingships” of old and allowing a new competition for surf teams to become King of a Badge by claiming it more than anyone.  As soon as we saw the blog post about this development, Hit Funnel swung into action and launched what we consider to be the most exciting chase for a badge there is, “King of the Stinkin Badge”.  I thought, wow, the thrones are all up for grabs so let’s use this revolution and make it fun and rewarding for all the serfs.

But, alas, the old guard of the Royalty was upset and offended.  “Self-determination?”, they said, “What the heck is that?”


Yes there were many surfers who had layed claim to kingship of the badges by virtue of being the first to claim them that were upset that now they could be supplanted.  So the guys and gals of Tim Tech decided to bring back all the old badges that were claimed by the supplanted Kings and Queens and place them in a special museum on the CTP Profile page.  That way, even though the former majesties must now work for there food like everyone else, they can still look back fondly on their old conquests and call themselves pioneers.

And now we have the best of both worlds.  In the sense of competition that drives all freedom they can still reclaim their thrones as long as they are willing to fight for them.


So now that you have the lay of the land, know that at Hit Funnel, you can become a King and be well rewarded for it.  Come over and play our game where you hunt for the Stinkin Badge.  It will be at a different place every day and you can find out hints on it by being active at all our social media places.  Subscribe to this blog, read your newsletter, like our Facebook page, join our Skype Chat room, follow us on Twitter.  Get the badge every day and not only can you lay claim to call yourself King or Queen but you will also receive many XP and free advertising on us!

And that’s what we are all here for, right?

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One thought on “Kings, Pioneers, Self-Determination

  1. Let me make the first comment this time. The Stinkin Badge can be found after surfing 222 pages on 20 August, 2014. See sometimes you have to look deep to find the hints. Have fun!

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